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Food prices continue to go up and it is becoming more difficult to find quality fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices without spending a fortune. But how expensive are the other options of getting fresh produce? At first gardening appears to be the more expensive option; it requires work on your part, and it is something that seems you may not have the space for. However, once you get going, garden quickly becomes the cheaper option if done correctly. It also does not have to occupy a lot of room. Although a little bit harder to do, produce can be grown indoors or on patios, even fruit trees!

The upsides of growing your own produce:

  • You can grow organically and know what chemical or fertilizers are used to on each plant
  • You have fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can last weeks
  • Herbs are easy to grow in pots because they do not need constant attention or good quality soil
  • It is cheaper to grow your own produce than buy it organically
  • There is less of an environmental impact
  • You improve your air and soil quality
  • Although sometimes it can be frustrating to deal with, gardens provide food for local wildlife like bees/bugs, squirrels, rabbits, and deer

Although there are some downsides of growing your own garden; many of these things only happen once-in-a-while and a few can easily be avoided. None of these downsides have stopped many from successfully growing a garden and they will most likely not stop you from having a successful garden either.

The downsides of growing your own produce:

  • Growing Produce in a Pot:
    • Fruits and vegetables grown in pots require more attention since they are a little pickier about their conditions that they will grow in, but they are not impossible to grow
    • You may have to help them pollinate themselves
    • You will need to monitor the root systems to ensure your plant does not outgrow your pot
  • Depending on what plants you choose to grow, they can require quite a bit of attention
  • If you have knee problems, gardening can worsen the symptoms, unless you use raised beds
  • You will need to deal with pant diseases
  • You could accidentally plant something invasive that is hard to get rid of once you do not want it anymore

If the downsides deterred you from considering gardening, then maybe the health benefits that come with gardening will convince you try it. Gardening is quite a therapeutic hobby that can help relieve stress. There are also other benefits like getting fresh air and a lot of exercise. Plants can often combat loneliness too; they are often being used as an alternative to having pets. Here at the Stump Farm, where White Raven Financial is located, we try our best to have healthy, organic, and sustainable gardens with a wide array of plants, anywhere from decorative flowers to produce that you can take straight into your kitchen to eat.

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