Don’t Choose to Abuse!

I’ve grown up with pets my whole life. We always had at least one dog – mostly two – but we also had the occasional cat, bird, rabbit, and even a couple of baby squirrels that we nursed back to health. It’s safe to say that my family was a lover of animals and it has influenced my own behavior with treating my own pets as family members.

Back in 2009, I became a proud owner of a rescue dog named Emma. She’s a pointer mix and in her younger days, was an absolute ball of explosive energy. And yes, there were times I wanted to disown her after she would terrorize the neighborhood on one of her many escaped adventures (I didn’t, of course). She’s 13 now and sleeps most of the time, but she’s been my sweetest companion for over a decade. Because of her, I have become a much bigger proponent of animal welfare.

What are some easy ways that you can help promote the well-being of animals? Well, here are a handful of ideas:

  • Donate – Animal charity and rescue organizations can always use donations. If you don’t have a lot of spare cash, consider giving supplies such as pet food, carriers, used bath towels, or dishes.
  • Foster – Consider fostering an animal in need, assuming you have the room, the time, money, and proper care to do so. Fostering can be an extremely rewarding experience and is a wonderful way to help animals in need. If you think you might be a good fit for a pet, contact a nearby animal shelter or rescue for more information.
  • Educate – If you have children at home or in the neighborhood, take the time to teach them about our furry friends and how important it is to treat them with kindness and respect. Take a visit to the zoo or watch some heartwarming animal movies during family night. Sharing stories on social media about animals that need help is also a great way to educate.
  • Spay/Neuter – This will not only help combat pet overpopulation but also keep your beloved companion calm and healthy. It is recommended to have your pets “fixed” as soon as possible.
  • Volunteer – Another wonderful way to help animals is to volunteer! If you enjoy working with our four-legged friends, check with local charities and shelters for more info on how you can contribute.

Here at the Stump Farm, where White Raven Financial is located, the resident “greeter” is Tu, a springer spaniel. He’s quite the friendly guy and has become the mascot of the financial firm, whether he likes it or not. For those who come visit us at the Stump Farm, Tu will be your best friend if you happen to bring along some tasty treats.

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Austin Hunt is the lead founder & SEO consultant at Mumarkt Co. as well as the "digital face" of White Raven Financial. He is also an avid advocate for human connection as well as being a steward of the land. Austin enjoys writing for his blog, dancing west coast swing, and, as always, spending way too much money on a good cup of coffee.