Great Outdoor Adventure: Diamond Lake Trail

The day is October 23, 2021. It’s a Saturday. It’s a brisk and cold morning. 5 friends and one happy dog meet up just outside of Common’s Park off the street of Little Raven, ready for adventure. I am one of them.

We pile into a couple of cars and off we go to venture in the Rocky Mountains for the day. Our destination: Diamond Lake Trail. 5.4 miles. 1,220 feet of elevation gain. 1 alpine lake. And 1 extremely happy pupper.

A hike is an ideal way to enjoy some fresh air and some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hikes are great for your physical and mental health, as well as a great way to check out some spectacular views. Since hiking can be done on nearly any rough terrain, anywhere in the world, it’s easy to find a hike that suits your preferences.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of life and business. For me, going on a hike is the perfect way to take a break from it all. A hike can give people an opportunity to see nature at its finest, and enjoy being out in the woods without any distractions.

Sometimes we need to remember to unplug from our devices and experience the beauty of the world around us.

This was a great hike, and, as an added plus, a very achievable hike for just about anyone. There is something really beautiful about being able to drive an hour and experience the majesty of the Rockies. Did you know that there are 17,099 trails and 1,431 trailheads in Colorado? There is no shortage of adventures to be had!

There was fresh snow halfway up the hike, and a few inches of snow at the top. But it wasn’t the kind of hike that requires crampons or an ice ax , so we enjoyed our time in the mountains. However, if you’re going to brave the elements it was important to bring some emergency supplies as well as sweet treats. Let me tell you: candy on a hike is perfection (or at least dried mango cheeks.)

When we finally arrived at the alpine lake, it was frozen over. But, in a strange twist of serendipity , there was very few people on the top. We had our own little pocket surrounded by majesty. There’s something special about being one of a few people at an alpine lake; it makes you feel like you won life (for that moment.)

Diamond Lake frozen over

I’ve been hiking since I was a child and its importance has only grown with me. When I was small, my grandparents would take me and my brothers hiking. They taught me the importance of nature. I was given the opportunity to explore untouched forests, mountains, rivers and their tributaries; at that age I couldn’t understand the importance of it. So I embraced it with open arms (and legs.)

As I’ve gotten older, I realize on a much deeper level that connecting with ourselves first comes with connecting with the world around us. Our planet is a beautiful masterpiece – and the best way to understand it is by walking through it.

Hiking can change your perception on life. If you’re feeling down, go for a hike. If you’re feeling stressed, go for a hike. If you feel like there’s nothing important going on in your life, go for a hike. Hiking isn’t just a way to get exercise and enjoy yourself in nature; its an art. It’s the simplest way to shatter your pre-conceived perceptions.

Me and My Girlfriend, Taylor

When you walk through untouched forests, mountains and rivers, hidden caverns and secret trails; it brings out something deep inside of you. You bring out emotions that were locked away and you awaken a portion of your mind that was previously dormant. You become more aware, but at the same time you slip into dreamworld.

So take some time today to go on a hike – bring your friends and enjoy their company as well as the beauty around you . If not now, then when?

And, once you’ve seen how beautiful the world is, think about investing back into preserving it for yourself and your children. Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a handy guide to understanding sustainable and responsible investing! Have fun trekking!

Austin Hunt

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Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt is the lead founder & SEO consultant at Mumarkt Co. as well as the "digital face" of White Raven Financial. He is also an avid advocate for human connection as well as being a steward of the land. Austin enjoys writing for his blog, dancing west coast swing, and, as always, spending way too much money on a good cup of coffee.