Samantha Conner

Seasonal Greetings Maple Syrup!?

Usually harvested in the upper Midwestern area of the United States, pure maple syrup is often quite expensive for such a small quantity. Is the purchase price worth such an expensive condiment when its most known use is as a pancake or waffle topping? Well, not only does it take a long time to make, …

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It’s Thyme for Change

Food prices continue to go up and it is becoming more difficult to find quality fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices without spending a fortune. But how expensive are the other options of getting fresh produce? At first gardening appears to be the more expensive option; it requires work on your part, and it is something …

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Should We Closet Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has become extremely popular these days and encouraged through influencers like social media posts and advertisements. Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends could be considered the concept of fast fashion. Although fast fashion is normally associated with only a few companies like Shein and Fashion Nova, …

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