Forest Stewardship!

Are you interested in being ‘landed gentry’? We are also. We purchased our ten acres in August 1997. Our initial view showed us dense salmonberry, a few evergreens, a scattering of hardwoods and Stumps. The scrub brush was so thick that several hours of cutting a swath were required to complete a tour. Upon our initial purchase we had a love of the land and little realization of how to care for it.

Prior to 1997 there had been a request for logging two acres. Ah, the monies must have been good as all ten acres were logged. Results of the clear cutting: Plant 100 trees and a seven year building moratorium.

WA Forest Stewardship Accredited

Are you interested in property tax relief?

So were we and thus began our journey into the world of Silvaculture. The Department of Natural Resources offers a Forest Stewardship class. Upon our completion of the class, plan approval and accepted applications to the appropriate Snohomish County departments our Stump Farm became a Stewardship Forest with tax relief.

NGPA – A very important acronym. ‘NGPA’ means Native Growth Protection Area. To allow us to cross our wetlands, we started a bridge during our period of non-native-knowledge. Oops – we were in violation of the NGPA. Please note that while working with the county we cleaned up the in-violation-bridge and built the Bridge over Trouble Waters – an environmentally friendly and county approved bridge.

With the suggestion of John Keller, our DNR Forester, our first planting was approximately an acre of Western White Pine in 2001. Over the past several years we have planted the remaining acreage in different NW species of evergreens. We are enjoying ourselves. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Love the outdoors? Like Nature? What to learn more? Tours available upon request for a small fee; contact us for more information. Group size limited.

** Mike Conner – is a retired electrician & Diane Jochimsen – is a Financial Planner at White Raven Financial.